There are a variety of sources concerning dental fees. The ADA  publishes a detailed dental fee report about every 3 years.   However, this report is based on data that is 2-3 years old.

       Another report, sold for $89.00 from R-Fees/Renaissance Systems is owned by Delta Dental!!!  See their privacy policy.

      There are insurance company associations that collect fee information from every insurance company and the sell the compiled database back to the insurance companies for millions.  These include Medicaid clinics.

      There are several "dental insurance consultants" that claim to have access to dental insurance company claims data. How is this possible?  The average dentist  can not check Delta or BC fee profiles.  These reports may depend on dental insurance company DATA SPIN  rather than the raw data, with information that is favorable to them.   If a fee for a crown increases $25.00 , with 100,000 dentists doing 200 insurance covered crowns per year, this would be an additional expense of $500,000,000.00 for dental insurance companies. There are the frequent ads on Google and Yahoo for a $299.00++ report.

       The alternative is the original, independent and comprehensive UCR DENTAL FEE REPORT ©.  This provides current statistical dental fees information on over 120 of the most frequently used dental procedure codes.  Based on dentists fee profile surveys, this report has been used by thousands of dentists since 1980.  Avoid  undervaluing your fees.  This report can pay for it's self by noon on the first day that you use it and then can increase your net profits.  What if there was a price freeze next month?

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